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Client Centered

Many of our clients that are accumulators are related to or eventually will become Family Stewards. A few prominent traits include:

  • Prospering Family
  • Excess Cash Flow
  • Strong desire to fund long term goals
  • Time pressured
  • High willingness to delegate

While these clients are often the children of our "accumulator" clients, they also come from financial services company executives, attorneys, accountants (and believe it or not) mutual fund wholesalers. Generally these households have incomes between $200K and $500K. They are very busy, but desperately want to spend more time with their spouses and children. They look to hire professionals for everything they do and appreciate it when we showcase our ability to proactively take the lead in orchestrating financial issues. They encourage us to build relationships with their accountants, attorneys, human resources contacts, insurance agents and more. They appreciate access to their accounts over the Internet, but honestly, they infrequently looked at the numbers. These clients operate more on impulse and often-times have short-lived tempers that are easily defused when facts support their questions.

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