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Family Stewards

Client Centered

This group is our primary client segment. Common traits of Family Stewards include:

  • Over Age 50
  • Married to their 1st spouse
  • Lived in the same home for 20 years or more
  • An expression of strong family values
  • A desire to stay active and visible in the local community
  • Middle and upper middle management employment situations
  • Active participants in company retirement plan
  • Kept liabilities to a Minimum
  • View themselves as having multiple financial planning issues.

Many seek to find a "snowbird" location during retirement where they would initially rent for a month or two in the south - not buy. Collectively, they earn between $75K and $175K, and find ways to save at least 10 percent of their earnings each year. They maintain traditional family values and rejoice over grandparenthood. They need roughly $4-8K per month (after tax) to cover their entire spending needs. Generally they have investable assets between $300K and $2.5MM. Generally, they are not charitably inclined yet they have strong feelings about whether they want to leave an estate to their children or spend their last dollar before they die.

In addition, they appreciate conversation more than numbers and would much prefer the big picture to the details. They seek advice and not analytics and they cherish our ability to re-state previous conversations and remind them of their goals and objectives. These clients welcome the opportunity to include their children in client meetings, and appreciate our offers to host "family meetings". They encourage their kids to hire us as planners and we always say yes, regardless of their financial situation.

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