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| June 24, 2021

We just adopted a new puppy. He’s the fourth dog I’ve owned over the last two decades.

Here are some proactive steps I have taken with with each dog to protect their longevity or make sure they’re taken care of in the event I’m not around:

🦴 PET INSURANCE: Gives peace of mind ☮️ in the event of an emergency 🆘. Badger has @HealthyPaws and Booker has Trupanion. You can self insure and pay out of pocket, but my preference is to pay a small deductible and monthly payment to ensure I’m not factoring finances in the care of my animals. You insure your life, 🏎,🏡, 🩺…why should your furry friend be any different ❓

🦴 🦴GUARDIANSHIP: If I’m not around, who is taking care of my doods⁉️ Right now my wife will, if she is unable, we have contracts with our breeders to adopt our guts to loving homes. Assuming my wife keeps the dogs, she is going to have to spend 💰💰💰 which leads me to…

🦴🦴🦴LIFE INSURANCE: This can be easy or complex. Yes, you can set up a trust for Fido. My immediate concern is there is enough money, let’s say $400-$600 a month for my wife to address the need of our guys. So yes, we have carved out a portion of life insurance proceeds to ensure our animals live a good life. If you are single and have a guardian in mind, you may consider a term life insurance policy to help your guardian pay for pet care.

🐶 What steps have you taken to proactively insure your pets are taken care of in the even of an unexpected event❓



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