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Life Planning Services

Oftentimes clients need services that don’t easily fall into one specific category. Below are just a few of the services clients have come to expect from our firm through their ongoing relationship with us.

Spending Money in Retirement

It is highly unlikely that anyone taught you how to spend your money in Retirement; it is one of our firm’s greatest strengths. With years of experience in creating tax-efficient, cash flow strategies that incorporate our client’s various sources of income and assets, we are acutely aware of how to deliver you the money you need to pursue your goals in retirement. While changes in lifestyle, interest rates, economic uncertainty and market volatility can and will impact your ongoing income needs, we continually monitor your accounts while attempting to determine the most appropriate way to provide you with your desired outcomes.

Estate Planning and Wealth Preservation Techniques

No matter whether you are looking to leave a legacy to your heirs, protect your wealth from estate taxes or distribute your wealth in manners that align with your values, we can offer strategies to help.

Capital Preservation Techniques

As you build your wealth, it is important to craft a safety net for your family, your assets, your health and your legacy. As independent insurance agents we can help you select from among the very best life, disability, and long term care insurance. We will also help you examine your homeowners, automobile and umbrella coverage and work with your existing agent if changes or adjustments are needed.

Tax Planning and Review

We don’t prepare taxes, but we help you plan effectively when it’s time to submit your 1040 to the IRS. Throughout the year, we run tax planning projections to help you understand the implications of drawing money from various accounts, as well as help you consider investment opportunities that could help reduce the taxes you might owe.

Employee Benefits and Company Retirement Plan Analysis

Many of our clients are still employed; and as a result, they are faced with making decisions on employee benefits, retirement plan options, cash balance plans, pension selections and more. As part of our comprehensive financial planning services, we continue to provide advice and assistance on these issues.

Major Purchase Decisions

The vast majority of our clients have positive net worths, and they generally have more money coming into their household than goes out. However, when it comes time to make major financial purchases, they turn to us for our objective advice. Whether it is how best to buy a car, refinance a home, purchase a secondary residence or consider a retirement community, our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professionals, are able to provide you with personalized options, because when we know where everything is in your financial life, we can place your interests first.

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