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Our Philosophy

Our belief is that if you ask twenty different people how to describe financial planning, you’ll get twenty different answers. And unfortunately, if you ask twenty financial planners the same question, you’ll probably get an entirely different set of answers from them too.

We believe that Financial Planning "done right" needs to include conversations around your feelings about money, as much as it needs to include the hard facts about money. Discussions around "Financial Confidence", providing for your loved ones, protecting your income and preserving your legacy are all critical elements that need to be woven into the planning conversation.

At Concierge Wealth Management, we want our clients to know that Financial Planning serves as the foundation of what we do every day. That’s why we’ve developed a "Formula for Financial Planning" as a means to help people distinguish whether they were receiving financial planning - or something else.

Our formula of financial planning is as follows:

We believe that in order for someone to say they received financial planning, the client must feel confident that their planner:

  • Asked questions about their Goals, Challenges and Successes (We call this Discovery)
  • Explored how effectively the client has elected to protect their family, their health, their life and their legacy. (We call this Capital Protection)
  • Discussed issues that impact the quantitative elements of their financial life with particular attention to how changes in cash flow, market volatility, inflation and other factors will impact the client’s expectations. (We call this Wealth Management)

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