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How to Get Where You Want to Be Financially in 2023

| January 17, 2023

🎯 PEN AND PAPER: Write down what you want to accomplish on a piece of paper. Place that paper in a spot you will see every day, such as your refrigerator or a sticky note hanging off your computer monitor

🎯 BUILD SYSTEMS: If the goals have to do with savings, then immediately take 10–15 minutes and set up monthly distributions from your bank account to places such as a High Yield Savings account, Brokerage or Roth IRA

🎯 AUTOMATE: Set your company 401(k) to increase automatically by 1% every year

🎯 COACHING: If you need help getting started or getting organized, reach out to a financial professional that can act as a money coach or guide to help you implement strategies that you may not do on your own.

🎯 DON’T GET DISCOURAGED: The biggest pitfall is not starting or waiting until March and then feeling you have already let time go by. Don’t use this as an excuse to not work towards what you are trying to accomplish and procrastinate further.

🎯 PUSH PLAY: Whenever you start whether it is April 1 or January 1, it is better than not starting at all.

🎯 ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNERS: Having someone to hold you accountable really helps. The job of a financial advisor has shifted from a “stock broker” to a person that helps you manage all of your finances and can also wisely choose investments for your and your family while helping you stay the course.

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