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| April 02, 2024

Remember when your parents took care of you❓

For many millennials, the roles are reversed ⏮️ and they’re now providing financial and emotional support to their parents in addition to their own children ‼️

The parents are now the children. 👵➡️👶

We are the in “Sandwich Generation” 🥪, stuck between taking care of our children 👧👦 and our aging parents.

It can be exhausting, emotionally & financially 😴

It’s expensive 💸

It’s time consuming ⏳

There many families where I’m helping both sides of the family tree 🌳 ↔️ 🌱 plan for their growing families and making provisions for aging parents

Example ⤵️:
🎓 Saving for their kids college (while simultaneously)
🩺 Paying Long Term Care premiums for their parents

If your feel like you’re stuck in the middle, know you’re not alone👯‍♂️, and there’s people that can lend a hand 👋 or help with a plan 🧭


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